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The Science of Meaning

An introduction to Disease as an expression of your unconscious purpose seeking to reveal itself

7 May 2021, 3pm-4:30pm GMT

General Admission £35

Disease is a Manifestation of Health and x3 Realisations from 40 years in Science and Medicine

Girl with Autumn Leaf

You will discover:

  • Disease is an expression of health

  • Meaning and why it matters

  • Unconscious Purpose 

The three things that will be introduced:


  • Disease is an expression of health: radically transforms your physiology.Mind Body Disease is inextricably linked.

  • Meaning and why it matters discover how everything that you experience in your life is a reflection of the meaning you give to things and how this can change

  • Unconscious Purpose are equivalent to the roots of your tree of life. 

At the end of this experience you will understand how the interconnectedness of mental, physical and emotional aspects of you give rise to disease and health simultaneously. You can use that insight to: 


  1. Create new Possibilities

  2. Shift Perception 

  3. Integrate deeper understanding of how to work with disease in life


Thank you for your interest in the Science of Meaning.

Dr Kim Jobst
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Meaning is the interpretation that your 5-year old self created when your mum shouted at you.  Disease, Meaning, Purpose and Life Force are inextricably linked.

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