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and the Telos Constellation

The Telos:

The purpose of the Telos exercise is to enable one to uncover one’s True Purpose. We work from the premise that every human being, without exception, has a unique Mission, Vision and Purpose. It may be large, global, expansive and far-reaching. Equally it may appear to be small, localised, contained and simple. Whatever it is it is unique to each individual and unique within the entire matrix of life on our planet. When it speaks we know that it is resonant with our core values and who we really are. When we align with it, listen to it, respond to it and bring it into being our lives begin to open up and manifest in ways that bring health, vitality, resonance and relationship. It doesn’t mean that everything goes easily but it means that we know that we are on Purpose, we know that we are fulfilling that unique calling that is our own.

The importance of this is that it also facilitates an understanding that everything that happens mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually is happening in our lives in order to enable us to fulfil that Purpose. Every symptom, every challenge, every decision, every relationship, every thought and feeling occurs in order to facilitate the fulfilment of our Telos. Understanding this, making it manifest and engaging with it offers us a means to facilitate our own healing, decision-making and life.

The exercise which Dr Jobst facilitates includes a guided visualisation and journey that enables one to come face-to-face with what really matters in our lives. This journey, when wholly and completely committed to, opens up the possibility to receive information that can then be visualised and captured in a way that creates a visual representation that can be used in many ways to guide one’s life. Each journey, each creative visualisation and each unique articulation of what has been seen and received is unique to the person in which it happens. What emerges can be thought of like ‘True North’ on a compass or perhaps like a map that can be consulted for direction and solution. The Telos that emerges is fully interactive and will respond when the individual has questions about any aspect of their lives. It is in effect a living icon or mandala and can serve to assist in every area of one’s life.

When this exercise is done by couples, each of whom will create their own unique Telos, it offers an extraordinary opportunity for those in relationship to facilitate each other’s highest good and fulfilment of their own unique Mission, Vision and Purpose. It is particularly helpful for children who may be wondering what it is that they are here to do and can serve to help them understand why and how their studies and other activities can help them to fulfil the reason that they believe that they are here.

In business, the Telos that emerges for an individual can serve to help envision decisions about structure and function, can help to open up pathways for solution and in particular can help to determine whether a course of action will help fulfil the Telos or act to block it.


In health and disease, the Telos is a tool that enables the individual to understand the purpose of any symptom or condition and can in a remarkable way facilitate healing which on occasion can enable a person to move through a condition without recourse to medication or can help to reduce the need for medication and facilitate deep healing and transformation whether the condition be mental or physical.


In one’s spiritual life the Telos is like the anchor that enables one to be present in space and time and to connect with one’s Higher Purpose and so open oneself to guidance about next steps and can serve too as a focus for meditation in opening oneself to possibilities beyond one’s ordinary thought.




The Telos Constellation:

The Telos constellation is a unique process currently being delivered only by Dr Jobst and Clara Vavrova. It has evolved as a result of their unique collaboration and facilitates the deepest integration of personal, professional and spiritual life when an individual is ready to engage with it.

In a Telos constellation the Telos that has been produced as a result of the Telos exercise that will have been conducted with Dr Jobst is always part of the constellation construct. It sits integral to the placing of the objects in the room in which the constellation is taking place. As an expression of the Highest Purpose, the end in mind for the life of the individual, it serves as the ultimate reference point within the constellation the person is exploring. As the ‘True North’ of an individual’s compass in life it can be used as a reference point in relation to all other points that represent other components that are being explored.


For example, if the constellation includes questions about the person’s relationship, their relationship in their personal life or in their professional life, with their children, with their spouse, with their employer or their employees, with their guides or friends, and if it includes questions about the body, about relationships with the feminine and the masculine, relationships with nature, with education and industry for example the Telos acts as the ultimate reference because unless the Telos is activated and resonant one knows that whatever one has been considering is somehow out of alignment. Exploring what it is that brings the Telos to life and which elements of the life being explored enhance it and energise it enables the individual to look at decisions that must be taken and facilitates taking them.


To date those people who have engaged in this process whether in London or in Prague have found themselves recipients of extraordinary revelation about fundamental issues in their lives and especially in relation to their Life Purpose. For some it has led to a radical transformation in the work that they do and the way that they do it. For others it has led to profound changes in relationship which has

liberated energy and facilitated changes in both personal and professional lives that have gone on to lead to greater fulfilment, improved health and vitality and a deeper sense of alignment with Life Purpose. This is not to say that the process is necessarily easy. Often it involves a confrontation with deep issues within oneself but there can be no doubting the indications that rise through the process as they are wholly and completely related only to the person engaged in the Telos constellation. It is as if one is engaging with oneself in a way that it becomes impossible to lie or evade the truth.

Both Dr Jobst and Clara Vavrova offer follow-up in the form of further consultation around the Telos, further constellation on a one-to-one basis and of course further Telos constellation as and when that is required. Follow-up consultation can take the form of mentoring and an ongoing dialogue and conversation which can of course be referenced to the Telos on each and every occasion. Whether this be used quite simply to manage relationships within a family or as a guide in the evolution of a complex business and professional life is entirely up to the individual concerned. Whatever the case the experience is unique to each person and rewarding to the extent that commitment is made to dive deep into the inner process whilst all the while keeping the mind open, critical and alert. This is a scientific process founded upon and predicated on the laws of physics and as such is as precise as any equation and as rewarding as the energy that is put into it. If you are interested in exploring this please do not hesitate to get in touch by email with either one of us.

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