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Science of Meaning

Disease is an expression of your unconscious purpose whose time has come.

A 3-Hr Immersive with Dr. Kim A. Jobst

5 March 2021, 2pm-5pm GMT

General Admission £325

Early Bird £235 until 6 Feb 2021

Discover, Learn & shift Perspectives of life itself with Metaphysician,

Dr. Kim A. Jobst.

You are invited to join Dr. Kim Jobst on a metaphysical 3-Hr Odyssey that will open us up to the primary importance of recognising first and foremost that we are here, each of us, by virtue of the energy of life force itself.


This 3-Hour immersive will present material that makes possible, our exploration into the scientific relationship between Disease, Meaning, Purpose and Life Force.

Girl with Autumn Leaf

A Workbook in PDF format, and lifetime access to the recording, will be included with your ticket. 

This Immersive will cover: 

  1. The Mind, Body, Disease relationship; the nature of the relationship between energy and matter, and the way in which mind and body interact and influence cellular processes.

  2. Why disease is a manifestation of health: Disease and the symptoms and signs of disease are feedback mechanisms, functioning according to universal laws which when understood can facilitate remarkable changes in physiology, healing, and quality of life. 

  3. Deeply grounded science based on, and arising from, the Laws of physics and Universal laws operating always and everywhere in our known universe. 

  4. Why these ideas are at the core not only of medicine and therapeutics, but in every area of human endeavour. 

  5. The Telos and why the Telos is seminal to your understanding of yourself and the decisions you make.

What you will get at the end of our 3-Hours: 

  1. Conscious Meaning, purpose and relationship with yourself, with others and with life itself

  2. Insights to Influence your mind

  3. A whole new relationship and respect for the body

  4. Re-Connection to the meaning of life, to source, as well as a whole new basis for relationships

  5. More energy, vitality and understanding – a revitalisation of content and context of your life

This 3-Hour Immersive is for: 

  1. Artists, Business Leaders and Therapists 

  2. Medical Practitioners 

  3. Aspiring doctors 

  4. Anyone with a desire to understand the meaning of life, disease and the role of universal laws in your day-to-day life

Your Guide includes: 

  1. Diagrams, Visual Aids and Definitions

  2. Dr. Kim's notes for you to reference and study after the Immersive ends

  3. Questions to inform your own understanding of the Science of Meaning

  4. Case Studies to reference in order to inspire your own thinking on this material

Logistics & Details: 

  1. This 3-Hour Immersive will be delivered on Zoom

  2. There will be live 15-Minutes of live Q&A scheduled into the 3-Hours on the hour

  3. There will be a 30-Minute live Q&A session provided at the end of the 3-Hours for anyone who wants to remain

  4. Your Guide will be shared with you on the morning of the 5th March, 2021

  5. Your tickets are non-refundable

  6. Ticket Sales close at 12pm GMT on the 5th March, 2021

Science of Meaning - Ticket Booking

Thank you for your interest in the Science of Meaning

Dr Kim Jobst

Meaning is the interpretation that your 5-year old self created when your mum shouted at you.  Disease, Meaning, Purpose and Life Force are inextricably linked.

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